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Gail Randolph

Gail Randolph -

Yes I am the President of KartHost™ LLC but that is where I am right now but where did Gail Randolph come from and what else is there to know.

I am originally from Bay Springs, MS a wonderful small town to grow up in surrounded by family and friends. In 1980 my sister set me up on a blind date, in the summer of 1981 I married him (Roy), packed my bags and moved to Texas. I am a Texas transplant but I really did get here as soon as I could.

We moved to the Houston area eventually settling in Cypress and raised our two boys as Roy flew the friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) skies as a commercial airline pilot and I continued to find jobs that allowed me to work and learn about computers.  My fascination with computer began in junior college with my first programming class (now get THIS) using punch cards. Wonder how many people now days have ever even handled a punch card.  Jobs I’ve had range from data entry in Hot Check Department at County Attorneys Office, computer repair center, to office manager at a data center.

All of these positions played a part in growing not only my knowledge of computers but also how to treat coworkers as customers by listening to them and helping them with their problems or guiding them in the right direction.  I learned that  Listening is a skill that requires discernment in what is being said, how it is said, why it is said and carefully hearing what is Not being said.

I enjoy using my listening skills now to help our customers at KartHost™ and also to give back to our community. Since 2003, Roy and I have been coordinators for FPU classes at our church. Since joining Tomball Business & Professional Women in 2010 I have been blessed to serve as VP of Membership, President Elect , and in 2013 & 2014 as President. Roy and I are active members as well as serving on the Board of Directors for Network Texas (originally known as Network Tomball). We are also active members and Ambassadors of The Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce. In 2015 I accepted the nomination as Board Member for The Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce.

I was also one of 30 participants nominated and chosen to attend the 2013 Leadership North Houston session. Leadership North Houston is a leadership development program formed in 1995 by the partnering of several area Chambers of Commerce and the Lone Star College System (current name) to meet the need for a leadership program for the north and north west Houston area. If you are in the Houston area, I highly recommend you look into LNH.  For more read What is Leadership North Houston?

Were you able to read between the lines and see that I have a passion to help businesses as they are getting started or as they take those first steps to rebrand themselves from their websites to simply using their domain name for their email address.  More importantly I want to make sure they understand what they own, how to insure ownership, and how to maintain/update their websites, domain names or email addresses.

My mom always told me “Treat others just like you want them to treat you”. Wonder where she heard that?

Let me know how we can help you. We are just a phone call or email away.

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